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Longer Lines for a Bigger Profit

Grace Arnold

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Vending machines are a vital component in the daily life of a high school student. From grabbing something to eat on the way to first block, to getting a drink after a difficult test, it is possible for a student to make multiple stops at the vending machines on a typical day.

For the past several years, the eight vending machines on campus have been managed by two different companies: drink, by Pepsi and snacks by Imperial. Part of the school’s agreement with Pepsi came with benefits as well as requirements. Pepsi agrees to donate money once a year to the school. Rick Musto, Director of Finance, explains the school’s responsibility.

“The school, in return, was required to purchase our cafeteria and concessions drink from Pepsi. These costs are significantly higher than what can be purchased locally,” Musto said.

Breaking ties with Pepsi and Imperial will save the school money and hopefully bring more profit. This will help the school to keep costs down for other added expenses like senior red shirts and Chromebooks.

There are several benefits to adding the new vending machines and taking out the old ones. The school is able to chose things the students would like to buy.  Joel Christner (12) likes the new choices.

“I am glad there is finally an option to buy pickles in the vending machine. There were none in the old ones,” Christner said.

Also, the concessions and vending can work together to ensure that waste is minimized, keeping costs down. Instead of wasting money on food that students do not buy, the school can buy things that they know will sell quickly.

“The plan is to stock the two machines each morning, but finding a place to keep all of the product in stock is proving to be a challenge for the school,” Musto said.   

Although the machines do have more options and offer drinks and food in the same place, this could cause an issue in the future. Lauren Bush says there are positives and negatives to the new machines.

“The vending machines are very convenient because there are drink and snacks all in the same place, but that also makes the lines longer,” Bush said.

As of now, there are no plans to add any more machines around the school.

In a few months, the school will know if this change will be profitable, but this has already been a welcome change for the students.

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Keeping You Covered : Bishop Kelley High School
Longer Lines for a Bigger Profit