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Senior Spirit, Leaving a Legacy

Carter Stansbarger

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The class of 2018. This is the class that has the potential to be one of the best classes in Bishop Kelley history. The question is how do the seniors do this.

Well, class of 2018, there are many ways to do this. Seniors are always looked up to as role models therefore, the seniors should lead by example. This is the most important thing for seniors to do as leaders. If the Seniors are able to set a good example for the rest of the school then they will be recognized as a great class. Father O’Brien himself knows what it takes. The formula for a great class has a time-honored track record.

“The best senior classes that I’ve seen, and this was true when I was in high school and this is true at Bishop Kelley, is that they took their role very seriously as a role model,” O’Brien said.

This establishes that the seniors are the leaders of the school and have lots of responsibility. Freshman and other students look up to seniors and model themselves after them.

“If the senior class is spirited and dedicated to each other and to their studies, taking seriously their spiritual lives, then freshman will see that and say ‘oh that’s how I’m supposed to be’,” O’Brien said.

So to be good role models the seniors clearly must have a good mindset. They need to be good leaders, act the right way, and have great attitudes. Mr. Franz, the new principal, embraces this mindset as well.

“You have a mindset of other. A person of your age, of seventeen or eighteen years old, that has the mindset of other is actually a very unusual adolescent because most people and most adolescents have the mindset of me, I am the center of the world,” Franz said.

Another part of being a great senior class is being involved. The seniors need to be the most spirited bunch of people in the school. They show the example of being proud of their school, class board member Chris Ritchie does this as well as anyone.

“It’s pretty simple, just be loud and proud of your school,” Ritchie said. “Kelley Krazies is also a great way as well.”

It is the seniors’ time to shine and lead. If they can set great examples by thinking of others, being involved, and being spirited then they will leave an amazing legacy of which they can be proud.

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Keeping You Covered : Bishop Kelley High School
Senior Spirit, Leaving a Legacy