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Class of 2018 Has Much to Offer

These few seniors are eating lunch with each other in Sarah Dick's office. They gather up and hang out in the office.

These few seniors are eating lunch with each other in Sarah Dick's office. They gather up and hang out in the office.

These few seniors are eating lunch with each other in Sarah Dick's office. They gather up and hang out in the office.

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The senior class of 2018 has much to offer the school. Seniors have created a new environment that will be passed down and used for years to come. Seniors have taught the teachers along with underclassmen and each other. The class of 2018 has much advice to offer and lots to look back on while they attended and learned at the school.

Kira Ziola is a member of the class of 2018.  She believes Bishop Kelley has taught her many things and offered her lots of opportunities.

“Bishop Kelley has taught me more about my faith,” Ziola

Kira has always attended church but, the community really had her learn and grow in her faith.

“Through programs such as Bishop Kelley volleyball and leading retreats I have learned a lot about life and working with other people,” Ziola said.

The school can bring students closer to God and search deeper in their own faith life. The school can offer ways to work with others and life skills.

“Some advice, definitely get to know your teachers on more of a personal level,”  Ziola said.

Ziola offers this advice for all the underclassmen, the upperclassmen and even the teachers since this is a crucial part of high school.

“They have definitely impacted me in a way of keeping my physical and mental health up,  but also help me to learn a lot of life lessons I wouldn’t have learned otherwise,” Ziola said.

Kira believes that sports and extracurriculars. They are very important and play a deep role in her life.

“My best moment would probably be going on the search retreat,” Ziola said.

That was Kira’s  final piece of information to give to the school.

“Bishop Kelley has taught me to keep an open mind about people you meet,” Ziola said.

Remmi Smith enjoys the diversity of people.

“There is a wide variety of people, and its interesting to be able to talk to all of them”

The school offers all kinds of people to get to know. Smiths thoughts are similar to Ziola’s.

“Always keep an open mind about everyone you meet”.

Remmi clearly values the people she has meet. She thinks that high school is a new beginning regardless of what you may have heard about them or know about them. “The teachers, they are there to help you even beyond academically,” Smith said.

Remmi said this was the best thing about the school. Students should not take teachers for granted and should always show lots of respect and compassion back to their teachers. Finally, Smith has some advice for all students.“Enjoy your time here because it doesn’t last long”

Senior Chris Ritchie like what the school has done for his faith.

“Bishop Kelley has taught me to further extend my faith life, not only through the religion classes, in every class we end and begin in prayer,” Ritchie said.

As a school, students and teachers should be able to take their faith as a journey. It is important to honor this procedure.

“The soccer team is a really close team we all bond really well, I think because we are all open to everyone being one team,” Ritchie said.

Chris mentions what sports and extracurriculars have taught him. This is another aspect important to the school, students are all encouraged to meet with each other despite the grades and backgrounds.

“Winning state 2017, May 11, best night of my life,” Ritchie said.

The importance of this moment to him says it all. He wanted to win for his school, his team, and his coaches. The school offers a great environment of respect and love for the school. Chris took this night as the most important moment of the school although he won it just within his team. His reflections sound much like smiths.

“Don’t take high school for granted and enjoy the time you have.”

Chris mentions this as the other two seniors did. Students should take this as a crucial piece of advice and something to hold next to them all through high school.

The importance and impact seniors have made on the school today is a symbol of the importance of them. Looking ahead to the junior class as they become senior.

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Class of 2018 Has Much to Offer