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A Look Into Student Life

Ruthie Lieberman

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Students are more than what you see at school. BK kids are more than your average student because of the wide variety of activities they participate in.

From sitting at home to martial arts, kids are involved in all kinds of activities when they are not attending school.

Evie Davie (9), a member of the Brother Bernardine Scholars Program, has a very busy schedule out of school, between work, school, and sports.

“I enjoy babysitting, swimming on the BK swim team, and hanging out with my friends.” Davie said.

She is also very involved in school, being a member of the Brother Bernardine Scholars Program.

Sable Phillips (9) is a goalie for the Lady Comets Lacrosse team, plays volleyball, and participates in kung fu. She currently has two injured legs but hopes to be back in all of her sports soon.

“I started kung fu when I was 5 years old,” Phillips said.

Ian Warlick (9) is a musician, athlete, and student.

“I run cross country for Bishop Kelley, play the piano,and I’m in Brother Bernardine. But my favorite things to do outside of school are to play Fortnite and watch Netflix,” Warlick said.

Spencer Thorpe (9) is a student athlete.

“I Sleep, play basketball, eat, sleep again, and maybe do homework”. Thorpe said.

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