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It’s Not A Phase, Mom

Stevi Ring

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From shopping trends to challenges most see online, you think it is a good idea, but it’s not. As kids get older and see “fun stuff” on the internet, they have to try it for themselves. Teenagers will do anything to be Instagram famous or to be a top hit. Many trends through the past two or three years include salt and ice challenge, cinnamon challenge, tide pod challenge, or using vaping devices. Many do not realize that these challenges are harmful to the body and can cause serious damage, possibly leading to death.

Clothing trends aren’t nearly as dangerous, but they can definitely use up your money fast! Lululemon is a huge brand that teens are going crazy for. The highly desired products at Lululemon costs plenty. For example, paying $100 for a pair of leggings.

Carrie Lewis (10) considers teen fashion as unique and interesting.

“I feel a lot of people are putting their own twist on items to stand out from others. But that can also come from seeing our favorite actor or movie star wearing a “Gucci” belt or some “Fendi” shoes, thinking we need to have them. Even though we don’t need the item, we are buying things for outrageous prices, just to stay in style,” Lewis said.

Brooke Niver (10) believes that most people desire what they see celebrities or public figures wearing on Instagram. She also believes challenges come from stupid ideas.

“Someone takes a joke too seriously and they try to do it,” Niver said.

James Jones (12)  thinks teen trends originate from bored kids and bad jokes. Jones is ashamed of his generation due to the lack of respect towards themselves and taking innocent resources and turning them into a health hazard.

“Teens have no respect towards ourselves or others,” Jones said.

Both stupid online trends and unreasonably priced clothing trends have defined current culture. It will be interesting to see if the next generation continues these trends.

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