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The 20-sided die is a common tool used by those who play table-top role playing games. Board Games Club is a group at Bishop Kelley that plays one such game, Pathfinder.

The 20-sided die is a common tool used by those who play table-top role playing games. Board Games Club is a group at Bishop Kelley that plays one such game, Pathfinder.

Andrew Mires

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“Look out!” exclaimed a short, sword-wielding man.

A large, burly man, a short cloaked figure, and a tall woman turn around to see the silhouette of a large creature.

The short cloaked figure asked, “What is that?”

“That,” the large man responded, “is a crab.”

The small man jumps quickly into action, stabbing his sword into the carapace of the crab as it rises out of the water.

The cloaked man is the second to start the climb, turning into an eagle and flying around the rapidly raising crab.

The large man puts his teddy bear on his shoulder and grasps a vine attached to the crab.

The woman darts her eyes around at all the sudden action.

“You know what? I think I’m just going to watch the ship,” she says, pulling up a chair.

The crab continues to rise out of the water, stretching far past the clouds. The large man grabs his sword from his side.

“I’m going to try to piece his shell,” he shouts to the smaller man above him.

David Dahl, the dungeon master, hands Eddie Liechti a 20-sided die.

“Make a strength check,” says David.

Eddie rolls the dice, getting a 14.

“Is that good enough,” asked Eddie.

David looked over at the dice. His eyes darted up, as though as he was thinking. He looked back at Eddie.

“You pierce the carapace,” he said.

The small group continues to roll the dice and play the tabletop game.

Every Friday, this group enters the library and scrapes the chess pieces off of the board, taking the board. With this board, they begin their adventures in their world created by David Dahl. They play a game dubbed Pathfinder, which is a possibly less popular version of the more commonly heard of Dungeons & Dragons.

Headed by their mentor and fellow board games enthusiast, Mr. Beuchat, they play their games until the library closes. With the ever-expanding world of video games, one may wonder why there are still those around that wish to play games on a table instead of a tablet.

“I find the social aspect of Board Games Club to be nice,” Beuchat said, “I know people have headsets and everything, but I like the face-to-face interaction.”

This group was formed last year by Edward Lietchti, an anonymous person, and David Dahl.

“I enjoy playing board games and I wanted to spread this enjoyment amongst the student body,” Liechti said.

This has obviously taken hold, because since its initial launch, several people have joined, and the club has had to be split into two groups. While the larger group plays Magic, a card dueling game, the smaller group plays a variety of board games, their main one currently being Pathfinder. Jewel Hanks, a sophomore recent to join the club, is one such person.

“I like Board Games Club because it’s fun. Every time I go, it’s an emotional roller coaster,” Hanks said.

Board Games Club seems to be a club for all kinds of people. When the founders leave in two years, someone will need to take their place. Will someone step up to the task? Let’s roll the dice and find out.

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