Comets Defend Life at the Tulsa March for Life


Drew Danz (10) talks about his experience at the Tulsa March for Life. He shared everything that he gained from this experience during lunch one Monday afternoon.

Maddie Wong

 11 members of the school attended the Tulsa March for life on January 19. Several members of the Comets Defending Life Club attended such as Drew Danz (10), Nora Ross (10), and Katie Youll (11) with the intention of drawing attention to this depressing act of abortion.  Many young adults with a positive, pro-life mindset attended the March For Life. This event is one of the ways that Tulsa citizens can express their views about abortion and inspire other participants. For example, Nora Ross (10) has joined the Comets Defending Life Club in hope to become more involved in the school and to expand her pro-life mindset. 

 “It has made me more aware of the situation. It is one thing to believe, but it is another thing if you actually do something about it. It made me take more action,” Ross said.

The Comets Defending Life Club is one way that students work towards their pro-life ideas. For example, members helped to build a cemetery of the innocent in November of 2019. They constructed and put up over 300 crosses in the grass by the U drive white wooden crosses. Each cross represents the devastating loss of a life.

“I think that it is very important that we protect the lives of the unborn,” Duy said.

One way that others can help to protect the lives of the unborn is to volunteer at places such as Catholic Charities. Here, volunteers are able to provide the baby supplies that they cannot afford, thus reducing some of their stress. 

The Comets Defending Life Club is open to all students, and this club provides a way for teachers to share their pro-life views. Many students such as Emma Nguyen (10), Aubrei Grisaffe (10), and Henry Anderson (10) meet in the PC Building once a month, along with other members, to discuss new projects, listen to guest speakers, and exchange ideas.  Emma Nguyen explains why she joined the Comets Defending Life Club. 

“Comets Defending Life has helped me to become more involved in the school and improve my connections with people in the student body. It brings more awareness to the pro-life issue,” Nguyen said.

Overall, pro-life views have been a growing issue over the past year. For example, the March for Life in Washington DC has become a more renown national event. Many people are increasingly gaining access to pro-life outlooks. Father Duy, a priest at the school, explains why he thinks others should care about the lives of the unborn.

“We care because it’s a human person. Some choices can help us to be more human, some choices can dehumanize us. Choose life,” Duy said.

Overall, the lives of the unborn are vulnerable, and many believe they need to be protected. About 120 abortions are performed every hour. In conclusion, the students and community will continue to help save the lives of the unborn by participating in marches, clubs, and listening to speakers.