Future Construction Plans on Campus


Artist's rendering of the new administration building at the top of the U drive.

Myles Lieberman

By now, many people know about the campus upgrades. A lot of attention has been given to what will happen and how much it will cost, but little has been mentioned about why these improvements are necessary.

Director of Philanthropy, Doug Thomas has a big impact on the future construction plans for the school. He has organized all of the schools donations to this project. 

 “Most buildings on campus have outlived their usefulness,” Thomas said.

 Most private schools build a new building every 6 to 7 years. The school built their last new building in 2006, the Library. 

The school is going to aim towards more of an interactive classroom. They will be significantly larger and will have additional furniture where students can break off into small groups and collaborate together.  Classrooms are going to still have 25 desks, just more area for interactive learning. 

The school explored academic space, scheduling and student engagement with the help of a consulting firm out of Madison, WI called Meitler.

 “The silent campaign for this plan is under way and already very successful,” Thomas said.

 The construction plans are obviously going to cost lots of money and the school is still open for gifts. Many people think that this is going to raise tuition costs, but it’s not. All of the money is going to be raised by donations and gifts. New buildings are cheaper to operate because you aren’t always needing to put band aids on them.