Helping the Animals of Tulsa

The Bishop Kelley Animal Welfare Club


Members of the Animal Welfare Club visited the kittens at the Tulsa Animal Welfare Shelter.

Avery Wise

The students in the Animal Welfare Club have made an impact on the lives of animals this year and the animals have positively impacted the students lives too. The club has provided many students with unforgettable memories. The amazing members of the Animal Welfare Club aspire to help the animals in the Tulsa community, and are working towards this goal daily.  The Animal Welfare Club has made big impacts on animals and students this year. When the club was formed at the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year, Coach Saunders and his students had big hopes for the club. The club so far has participated in many events and volunteered for many organizations such as the Tulsa Animal Welfare Shelter. The Animal Welfare Club has not only benefited animals but has also made a positive impact on students’ lives. 

The new club was started because of Mr. Saunders and his students’ love for animals. He loves animals and loved the idea of a club dedicated to helping them. 

“I have three rescue dogs myself, and after talking in the classroom with my students, who love their pets, we decided to create the club,” Saunders said.

The Animal Welfare Club has over 100 members who all love to work with and care for the animals. Lily Pinn (9), like her fellow Animal Welfare Club members, loves working with the animals. She has a few pets of her own. 

“I love helping the animals find good communities to live in. It’s fun and a good opportunity to help out the community,” Pinn said. 

The members of the club shared their love for animals with their fellow students when they helped organize bringing dogs into the commons during finals week. It was an opportunity for students to have a break from their busy schedules during finals week and also to see some dogs that were up for adoption. Mr. Saunders hopes to keep growing the club and eventually host an adoption event at school. However, along with bringing the animals to the school to help get them adopted, the Animal Welfare Club has gone to the Tulsa Animal Welfare Shelter to visit the animals. 

This was a very memorable experience for many people who participate in Animal Welfare Club, including Alyssa Gibbs (9). Alyssa has a love for animals and wants to make a difference in her community. 

“I really loved going to the Tulsa Animal Welfare Shelter. It was fun seeing all the animals,” Gibbs said. 

The Animal Welfare Club has helped many animals, but it has also helped students. It is a way to connect with other students with some of the same hobbies and interests as you, and help the community while doing it. The Animal Welfare Club is a great and popular way to help the animals of Tulsa and to make new friends!