Inside the life of a dancer


Hannah at her Nutcracker photoshoot, before the performance, as lead star Clara.

Regan Shugart

Hannah Bennett (11) has been an amazing dancer for several years now, from Ballet to all the way to Jazz she has had some beautiful performances.

You’re probably wondering how she manages school work and practice at the same time. She actually does quite well with it.

“I DON’T… just kidding. After school I have a chance to go home, do some if not all of my homework before I have to get ready for dance. After I get ready I have a 20 minute drive to my studio,” Bennett said. “I get home from dance around 10 pm on most nights, if not later. Then I finish my homework if I have any, I also study if necessary and finally I get ready for bed.”

When she first started dancing, she would have a hard time handling the loads of homework and studying, while also having dance after school on most days.

“The classes I take are the same days every year so once I started getting on track, which took about a month it was smooth sailing from then on.” Bennett said.

Hannah spends a majority of her time at the dance studio

“If we have a performance I would say I spend about 19 hours at the dance studio a week, “Bennett said, “and if we don’t have a performance it’s only about 9 hours a week.”

Her friends can tell you how she is always dancing if she isn’t doing something else. Sam Daniels (11) has been a close friend of Hannah’s for a few years now and every time he asks what she’s doing after school, she’s always on the move.

“Hannah is always at dance. If she’s not at school or home, she is usually at the dance studio,” Daniels said.

She has always been outgoing and is always wanting to help those around her.

“Being a dancer makes it a lot easier to be social and to want to stand out and be the reason someone’s day becomes better,” Bennett said “Being a dancer has also given me a second family, consisting of about 20 other people.”

Hannah’s dance career has had a huge impact on her life and has helped gain a lot of social skills, but has also taken  time away from being with her friends and family and her school work. “It’s tough but you just got to stay positive and try your hardest at everything you do!” Bennett said.

During this performance Hannah would spend all her free time in the studio. Mason Engelke (10) knows Hannah very well and they have been close for a very long time. Their families are very good friends so they are always at each other’s houses.

“She even has her own dance room in her house that she also goes in and practices when she can’t make it to the studio.” Engelke said.

Hannah will never get tired of dancing her heart out and loving dance and having a second family to turn to when she needs help with something.