Spring Break Mission Trip


Bishop Kelley Students pose with students from De La Salle Blackfeet school, during the spring break mission trip two years ago.

MaryAnna Stewart

Browning, Montana has an extremely high poverty rate that stands at 39.9%. About 4 out of 10 people live in poverty.The average poverty rate in the U.S. is 12%, that is significantly less than Brownings. This serious need for help is a big reason this year’s Spring Break mission trip. Browning, Montana at De La Salle Blackfeet school, is where the mission work will take place. They chose that school because they had the chance to go again, they went two years ago. Every year the group tries to go to the mid west area and they try and go to another Lasallian school.

The group packs their lunches everyday and stays there at the bunkhouse. The bunk house is where groups come and stay from all over to help the school. The profit of the bunk house helps keep everything running. And by having everyone pack their lunch helps save the school money by not having to provide food for everyone.

“It is an awesome experience,” Berna said.

There are twelve students and four adults going. Mrs.Dower, the school nurse, Father Duy , Sarah Dicks and Mrs.Berna are all going this year. They will help the school by tutoring, mentoring and even playing some basketball and dodge ball. They play every morning.

They will be setting an example for the younger kids. Tutoring the kids is very helpful to the school. 

Everyone who goes to the school is able to go, the trip is  made up of Juniors this year.

“Haven’t been before, but am excited to be going,” Mrs.Dower said.

Mrs. Tyler, the Brother Bernardine Program leader, went two years ago on this trip to the same place. She had a great experience. She says that this will open your eyes, it’s like nothing you have experienced.You feel awful but also hopeful at the same time for these kids and their situations. 

The kids are fulfilled with hope and love, despite their complications, Mrs.Tyler explained. It is mind boggling. She described that the things she stresses about are so small compared to the trials these kids face. They have reasons to have hateful and un-encouraging attitudes, but despite their situations they are loving and happy, so is their administration. 

“I think that there wasn’t a single person on that trip that wasn’t changed or affected in any way,” Tyler said.

 It is an eye opening experience, she thinks. She isn’t able to attend this year, but wishes she could. She hopes that all teachers will have the chance to go. Hopefully everyone that goes will understand that the world is a complicated and rough place, she explained.

They will leave the Friday before spring break and return on that Sunday during Spring Break. It’s a long and busy ten day trip. Mrs.Berna has organised mission trips, and this one is as meaningful as any of them.