Freshmen’s First Year at Kelley

Vivian Vasquez

Freshman Year can be a whirlwind of emotions. No one knows how the next 4 years will play out. Your 1st year at Kelley is just the starting point and you learn many valuable lessons that will be shown throughout life.

On Aug. 15th, the 2019-2020 school year kicked off. The freshmen had already gone through two days of orientation and were ready to start the first day of their new school. Bishop Kelley prepares 9th graders what to expect the upcoming year with Link Crew. On the first day of school they do “Kiss Your Mom Goodbye,” an annual activity where the Seniors of the school hold signs at the top of the U and tell freshman to kiss their parents goodbye.

The majority of kids that come to Kelley are from the local Catholic Middle Schools in the district. These kids know each other and their classmates and have more of an idea on what to expect. Lily Garrison (9) had gone to Monte Cassino her entire life and moving to a new school was a big change for her.

“It was a huge change for me. Instead of driving to Monte every morning our new route was to Kelley, I was thankful that most of my 8th grade class moved to Kelley with me so that I at least had some friends to start the year off with. It was very hard getting used to the schedule of only having 4 classes but I love it now,” Garrison said.

There’s only a few kids who don’t come from the Catholic Middle Schools. The change from private and public can be life changing. From wearing no uniforms ever to wearing one every day, earning a much more ambitious education, and of course leaving your friends behind. Olivia Shofner (9) had gone to Union Public School her whole life before moving to Kelley. She had to learn to adapt in a whole new environment with new kids.

“I had to leave all my friends and a school I’ve known my whole life. My parents didn’t give me the option to stay at public school but I’m thankful they had me move. I have met great people and have learned a lot so far,” Shofner said.

There are many opportunities to meet new people as freshmen. Bishop Kelley makes sure everyone can fit in and makes sure there’s something for everyone.Grace Norton (9), who came from All Saints Catholic School joined volleyball and soccer her freshman year and has met some people she now calls family.

“Joining sports at Kelley has given me the best opportunity to meet new people. You bond with your team not only by playing the same sport but by going to weights together or just doing team bonding,” Norton said.

Freshman year at Kelley is all about growth. You meet new people and try new things. There are so many opportunities to try new things to excel in the next 4 years of your life. Freshman year is just the beginning!