Heads Up! Flying Shuttles Incoming


Students are competing in the badminton match to become the champion. Students participated in a badminton tourney. "though tournaments are fun and competitive, the best part is playing with friends," Dawson said.

Alec Rule

Will Dawson (10) is planning to try something different and form a brand new club next year. He feels excited to step outside of his comfort zone and do something that he loves: playing badminton. Despite being excited to start a new club, he is nervous because of the responsibility that comes with being a club leader. He doesn’t want to mess up any club emails or classroom announcements. Faced with a challenge in front of him, Dawson is ready to step up to the plate.

Next year, students have the opportunity to sign up for clubs and meet new people. There are many different and unique clubs across the school, which each offer different experiences. One of these is the new Badminton Club. In this club, students will be able to have fun playing badminton with other students and chill. All students will be able to join this club, and no experience is needed. Dawson is excited and ready to have fun playing the sport and meet new people. 

Badminton is a racquet sport played using racquets to hit a shuttlecock (birdie) across a net. Although it may be played with larger teams, the most common forms of the game are “singles” (with one player per side) and “doubles” (with two players per side). As students take turns hitting the birdie over the net, It must not touch the ground on a player’s own side. 

As new clubs like the Badminton Club are being made, more and more diversity is created in which everyone can enjoy. Principal Jim Franz expresses his feelings towards the impact of clubs as well as the significance that clubs have in the community. 

“I believe extracurriculars are hugely important in school. They bring students together and help be the cement that makes the education system work,” Franz said.

One of the issues Dawson faces in his mission to start the club is funding. Equipment for the sport such as racquets, nets, and birdies are pretty expensive. Ben Jones (10) thinks that funding for clubs should depend on the situation.

“I feel like the amount of club members, as well as the cost of the equipment should be thought of when deciding to fund a club,” Jones said.

Though Dawson believes that the activities in clubs are very fun and enjoyable, the best part is spending time with friends. Without them to share the experience with, clubs would not be as successful or fun in general. 

With the forming of the Badminton Club, Dawson hopes to add to his list of extracurriculars for the Brother B program. He is already in the Photography Club, Grill Club, Spanish Club, and Movie Club. Dawson explains his love to be involved in the 

school community, as well as trying new things like forming a club. 

“I love to be in clubs and meet new people, along with having fun. Starting a badminton club just combined one interest with another,” Dawson said.

Overall, Dawson is very excited to be starting a new club, and couldn’t be more ready to play a sport he loves with friends.