Homecoming Court Girls


This is Emma Applegate's homecoming dress. She went to get a dress at the mall and found this one. "This dress caught my eye and it fit perfectly," Applegate said.

Samantha Benson

Emma Applegate (12) is about to experience her first time on Hoco Court. She is very excited, but a little nervous. She’s very thankful that she is on Hoco Court and feels that this is a good way to end her senior year.

“I am very thankful to be part of the court with so many amazing people,” Applegate said. 

There are 7 other girls on Hoco Court as well. The Sophomore girls include Taylor Rhoades and Lily Stuckey. The Junior girls include Caroline Ernst and Lizzie Smith. Lastly, the senior finalists are Sophie Ames, Emma Applegate, Katie Chastain, and Ella Enzbrenner. 

 Each grade voted for two girls in their grade to be on Hoco Court. The girl with the most votes gets crowned Queen and the girl with the second most votes gets crowned Maid of Honor. Only senior attendants get the honor of these positions. 

Each girl has four escorts. Two of them are for the pep rally, one of them is for the boys varsity basketball game, and the last one is for the Silent Rave Dance. Applegate will have her brother, Will, escorting her while she waits to see if she’s crowned queen or Maid of Honor. Applegate has three other escorts for the other activities, which include Andrew Hennessee, Augie Ralson, and her boyfriend, Garrett Johnson.

Sophomore attendant Taylor Rhoades is also going to be on Hoco Court. She already has her Hoco dress ready and has selected her escorts.  

“This is my first time being on Hoco Court and I’m super excited,” Rhoades said.

Rhoades’ escorts are Brody Adams, Lane Hepner, Charles Butler, and Will Pickard. She will have Brody Adams and Lane Hepner escort her for the pep rally. For the basketball game she will have Charles Butler with her and lastly for the Hoco Dance she will have Will Pickard. Rhoades along with all the other sophomore and junior girls will also be attending every event. They are there to experience it and have the honor to get voted for Hoco Court. 

Paige Minden (9) cannot be on Hoco Court just yet, but she admires the girls who are and wishes she can be like them when she is older. 

“I really hope that I will be on Hoco Court later on in my High School experience,” Minden said. 

As it gets closer to Hoco week, the girls are starting to get everything ready. Applegate has a long, sparkly, black dress for the dance, but does she have the crown? You will have to wait and see on February 14th at the boy’s varsity basketball game. At halftime Applegate will walk out onto the court with Will on her right. She will be filled with lots of joy and anticipation while her family and many students will be watching. This will be the moment of truth for Applegate.