Link Crew

Anna Kate Ritchie

Link Crew is a great program the school has. It is an opportunity for the incoming freshman to get used to the school and form friendships with their future classmates. It is a very competitive process to become a Link Crew Leader. There is an application that includes a few essays, a video of you talking, and a picture of yourself. Also, you have to get 4 teacher recommendations.
Every year there are many students that apply to be a leader, although there are way more that apply than the school can keep. That is what makes it competitive but also more exciting.
Luke Griffin (12) was a Link Crew Leader his junior and senior year. He loves the impact that the program has on the school and the opportunities it opens up for incoming freshman.
“I loved getting to welcome all the freshman to Bishop Kelley. I’ve had such a blast during high school and it’s been exciting showing them how fun Bishop Kelley can be,” Griffin said.
The biggest part of Link Crew is in the summer a few days before school starts which is freshman orientation. They play games and go on tours of the school so they can bond and learn. Many of the freshman have fun with the activities that take place at orientation.
Owen Heineke (11) was a Link Crew Leader his junior year and has now applied to be a part of the program his senior year as well. He is thankful for Link Crew because it has taught him many important things about leadership.
“ Link Crew is a great way for teenagers to apply their leadership skills,” Heineke said.
The Link Crew leaders are paired up and then a group of 3 or 4 leaders are assigned to a group of incoming freshman. Those are their “little links.” After the orientation when the school year begins, The leaders stay in contact with their little links and are always checking in on them or there for them when they need it.
Griffin Been (11) was also a Link Crew Leader in his junior year and he is also applying to be one his senior year too. He is a very caring person and he loves the fact that he is able to form relationships with the incoming freshman.
“ Link Crew is a great way to get all freshman incorporated into the school before they even step foot in a classroom,” Been said.
Link Crew is a program that will benefit the school and their students greatly in the future years.