Silent Rave

Lauren Thomas

During the President’s Day Weekend, the school is going to have their winter homecoming, but not just any homecoming, a silent rave homecoming in the commons from 8-10pm Saturday night. A silent rave is when you have headphones on and can listen to music and different stations and has no music playing over the loudspeakers and there are no lights. 

The Silent Rave is not very formal, and to keep with the theme of the Homecoming Week, you are supposed to wear a jersey to the dance. STUCO came up with this by seeing it at STUCO District at Ada High School over the summer, and decided to bring a new way to have a homecoming over to  school. Maggie Gabel decided this was something she wanted to bring over and hopes to see it become an annual thing here. 

“When we first heard about it, none of us wanted to go, but then once we went that night, we all had a blast and that is why we decided to bring it home with us to Bishop Kelley,” Gabel said. 

 They also brought this idea to school because it can help those who do not like loud music and a lot of flashing lights finally have fun at a dance. 

Davis Rashen (9) is planning to go to the dance and already bought a $10 ticket. 

“I am excited to go to a dance that has different things and not like a regular dance,” Rashen said.

She is going with Ella Warlick(9) and Liza Inbody (9)and they are all excited to go to a dance that has a new way of doing things. 

“The headphone idea is different, but cool,” Rashen said. When someone thinks of going to a dance, you think of lots of lights and loud music. Going into this homecoming will be a lot different and having almost no lights while you have headphones on. Another good thing is that you can change your own music.

The school is excited to present a new dance to the school and they are excited to see how it goes for the first time.