2020 Prom


Prom is an exciting time for all girls. These girls were about to walk in the doors for prom. "Prom is the best dance," Reagan Bush said.

Simone Mullennix

Makeup, dresses, and hairstyles! There is so much to do to get ready for prom. Every year junior and senior girls anticipate the day they can get all dressed up to go dance with their friends. The process to get the perfect prom style can take hours. Prom is the talk of the school even months before tickets go on sale. A prom is an event that girls across America prepare months in advance for. 

The girls love the experience of getting prepared for school dances, especially prom. There are many different ways that girls prepare for prom. Some girls wear no makeup and just straight hair, while some girls go all out and get their hair and makeup professionally done. 

Reagan Bush (12) is going to her second prom and has experience with how to style herself for the prom. Bush knows exactly what she wants for her last prom before college. 

“ I am getting my hair done in curls at the Blo Bar, but I will be doing my own makeup this year,” Bush said. 

Dresses are another big deal for the preparation of prom. It can take months to find the perfect dress plus weeks of alterations. The dresses have to be perfect! Many girls already have their prom dresses all picked out.

Jennifer Luviano (11) has had her eye on a gorgeous dress and can’t wait to purchase it. 

“ The dress is a long dark blue dress with gold trim and a slit on the side of the leg. It is gorgeous,” Luviano said. 

The dress must also not clash with the theme of the dance. The junior board chooses the theme. The girls are constantly worrying about their dress and how it will look to others at the party. 

Maggie Gabel (teacher) plans this whole event. She will only disclose certain details about the prom which can be worrisome to some of the girls and their dress decisions.

“We keep the theme a secret until prom week,” teacher Gabel said.

The presentation of their dress, hair, and makeup must be superior to everyone else’s according to one another. The exhausting process to get ready for prom all pays off in the end. The dancing and memories are worth it.