School Spirit and Disco Lights!

Zana Jbara

Many students look forward to prom 2020. Prom is a formal dance held towards the end of an academic year. At prom , a prom king and a prom queen will be revealed. These titles are very honorary titles awarded to the students elected in a school wide vote before prom. The method for nominating a prom queen and king is very similar to the selection of homecoming queens. 

Leading up to proms many actions lead up to the night. One being a “promposal,” a way of asking another student to the prom. Students like Logan Dill (11) take this as a challenge to show off their creativity.

“I’m planning on having the most creative way to prompose to my girlfriend,” Dill said. 

Many ladies take this day to a new level. This day is a day to go down in the yearbook and history.  Ximena Gutierrez (12) has been waiting for prom for a long time.

“I marked April 25, 2020 in my calendar the first day of school,” Gutierrez said.

Many ladies fill this day with many activities to lead up to the night such as tanning, nails,hair, makeup and much more. 

Before arriving at the prom many students take pictures at Woodward Park. While exchanging flowers, the boys put the corsages on the girl’s wrist and the girls put the boutonniere on the boy’s suit. 

At the prom many new songs are played and dancing takes place. Music from a variety of artists and genres are played while the guests show off their dance moves.  Clayton Hill (12) looks forward to this part of prom.

“It’s a great way to show off your moves” Hill said.

Prom is a great way to end the third quarter and make lots of memories.