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The Breezeway

It’s Got You Covered

Katelynn Wisdom

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In addition to other things that were added on the BK campus in the past year the breezeway was added much earlier than the Chromebooks or new furniture in the commons.

The breezeway was a difficult thing to build because the placing of it was tough to figure out. It was a challenge trying to figure out where to put it without it getting in the way of the parking lots. Eventually, it was all figured out and now the breezeway goes halfway in front of the cafeteria and behind the junior parking lot to the STC building.

The breezeway helps connect the STC building to the main building and to the cafeteria. On rainy days, it keeps students dry and on sunny, hot days, it keeps the students cool.

People often discuss the cost of this project.Director of Finance, Rick Musto, explains the process.

The Breezeway was completed in late June/early July 2016 at a cost of $127,850.00.  Funds for this project were raised through the Annual Auction event.  Each year, the proceeds from the Auction are used for projects predetermined by our Advancement group in conjunction with the Administration.  The Advancement team tries and get these projects out to the community early enough so that there is transparency with the use of Auction Proceeds,” Musto said.

Throughout the years, on rainy days, students would be drenched from the rain and they would be uncomfortable for the rest of the day. Even though the breezeway takes a longer route, it offers some protection.  

The risk of being late is also an issue when coming from the STC. Even though there are issues and concerns when it comes to the breezeway, it benefits in big ways also. On sunny days, staying cool is the number one thought. Walking under it gives students a cooling feeling and sometimes it is just a different way to go rather than the same way every day.

Recently, the tornado that hit 41st Street caused some minor damage to the breezeway. Fr. O’Brian and other faculty decided it was too damaged that they had to take the part that was damaged entirely down. Even though that was the decision, it did not affect much.

The part of the breezeway that was damaged was “entirely torn from the ground,” according to

“I was relieved to see that Bishop Kelley had minimal damage,” O’Brien said.

Bishop Kelley was one of the lucky buildings; others were severely damaged and even totally destroyed.

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Keeping You Covered : Bishop Kelley High School
It’s Got You Covered