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Out with the Old

Madeline Payne

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This school year the school has made many improvements made to the school to make the lives of both the students and teachers more comfortable. One big change this school year is the Chromebooks, which have received mixed reviews. However, there is another upgrade in the school: new furniture in the commons.

The school’s President Father Brian O’Brien shed some light on why the old furniture was in desperate need of replacement.

“The old stuff was getting to be in bad shape and some of it was broken,” O’Brien said.

With the chairs and couches falling apart and hanging on by a thread, there was no question if new furniture was needed.  Of course, the school did not have the money to buy new furniture lying around.

“We knew the old furniture was on it’s last legs so we made the decision this time last year to fundraise for new furniture,” O’Brien said.

According to the Director of Finance Rick Musto, the cost of the new furniture ending up around $43,500.00.  

The funds for the new furniture came from Bishop Kelley’s annual fundraiser “Believe in Kelley.” Once they had raised enough, administrators went on a fact-finding trip.

“Mr. Pratt and Mr. O went around to several schools to see what they had,” O’Brien said, “We looked at a lot of catalogs!”

They spent hours finding the right furniture for the Comets. The $43,500 went towards all the loveseats, benches, chairs, and tables found by Mr. Pratt, Mr. Oberste and Fr. O’Brien.  The Chromebooks and the new furniture are not the only improvements in the works for Bishop Kelley. One thing many students would like to see are new desks in the classrooms.

“We are going to work on student desks for next year,” O’Brien said, “Many of the desks are getting in bad shape.”

This is fantastic news to many students and teachers. Some of the baskets under the desks and the top of the desks are becoming unattached from the rest of the frame.

Other than the desks, the school is also planning to improve a multitude of things around campus: these upgrades include finishing Phase III by updating the bleachers and press box, acquiring Mitchell Park for additional parking and tennis courts, turning the open grass area in the courtyard into a cafeteria, transforming the cafeteria into classrooms, and tearing down the PC to make extra parking for faculty. And who knows, maybe there is an ice machine in the school’s future because everyone does miss having ice with their drinks. These exciting revisions will cost millions of dollars and will take a while to complete.

While waiting on these future improvements, students can enjoy the new furniture in the commons. Kelsey Griffin (11) has many comments on the modernized look.

“The new furniture is super comfortable and sleek,” Griffin said.

Students think the new commons area looks more modern than it did before and love the update. They find that the chairs and loveseats are more comfortable than the old ones.

“The old couch was falling apart and tiny,” Griffin said. “This allows a lot more people to hang out in the commons comfortably.”

Students also have found that there is more room for them and their friends to hang out together before and after school. The new loveseats allow more people to sit together. Sophomore Madison Taylor noticed how there is more room in the Commons.

“There’s more spots for me to sit with all my friends and talk before and after school and space for others to come join us,” Taylor said.

The commons’ new look is more inviting than the previous look and has more to offer.

“The updated furniture in the commons makes the space more open and welcoming to everyone at Bishop Kelley as well as our visitors,” Taylor said.

There is now more space for students to sit and have conversations or eat lunch. There is now a nicer work space for student council to fill out thousands of Make-A-Wish cards for Mr. Oberste. The Commons looks fantastic and shows great promise for more to come!

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Keeping You Covered : Bishop Kelley High School
Out with the Old