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The BIG Phase III Project

Riley Hyroop

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The school  has gotten some major upgrades these past few years. Starting with Phase I, the building on the east side of the stadium, being a $1.8 million project. Then moving on to Phase II, the new field house, being $3 million. And now the biggest of all project yet, a $5.5 million upgrade to the stands and press box, the school is ready for bigger crowds and more attention from around the state.

Caleb Alvez, a senior football player has high hopes for what Phase III will bring to BK.

“There will be more room for people, and it’ll bring more people to games because of how it looks,” Alvez said.

Some may wonder why Phase III is necessary because it seems like this football and past seasons have gone smoothly. But, many people are not aware of how much the school has grown. The student body for the 2017-2018 school year consists of 930 students, 269 of those being freshmen, and 105 faculty members. With the students and faculty alone, the stands start to feel a little snug, especially in the student section.

To help with the tightness in the stands, Phase III will consist of adding 1000 seats. This will help to fit parents, students, alumni into the stands. They will also add some seats with chair backs. These will be for people who buy booster tickets,which could make people want to buy the booster tickets for a comfortable seat during the game and bring in good revenue to the school.

Katie Major, a senior soccer player, thinks it will also be a positive change to Bishop Kelley.

“More people will come to see what the stadium looks like. We may host more events in the facility,” Major said.

The  press box is to say the least, very out of date. Father O’Brien would agree.

“It’s the worst press box in 4A, 5A, and 6A,” O’Brien said.

No need to fear, because in Phase III, the press box will be getting an upgrade as well. It will no longer be one of the worst, but it will now be one of the best.

The school  played Bishop McGuinness Friday , September 8th, at home. It was the biggest crowd BK has ever seen. With Varsity for the Day going on, all parents, alumni, BK students, McGuinness students and parents, and even students from other schools, it was beyond packed. Kick off was 7:00 pm, and it was filled way before then. It really highlighted the fact that Phase III is needed.

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Keeping You Covered : Bishop Kelley High School
The BIG Phase III Project