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Madalene Keller

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A great way to build friendships and learn responsibilities that will better prepare you for your future is managing a sports team.  A manager can do anything as small as sweeping the floors before the team begins practice or something much more complicated such as keeping stats and running drills.  However, don’t overlook this position; it’s a very important job.

Grace Roy (12), a four-year manager of the volleyball team has developed lifelong memories.

“I love working for the team and the friendships I have made because of this assignment.  They are priceless to me,” Roy said. “I think being a part of Bishop Kelley Volleyball has taught me how to be a great team player and a responsible leader for the future,”

One step at a time, Grace is shaping her future.  By being on this team, she is learning responsibility and prioritizing, making priceless friendships and better preparing herself for future experiences.  This is an opportunity worth taking.  

Managers learn a lot in their Position as a manager of the team.  Becoming a responsible leader is one of them.  A good leader understands that leadership is responsibility, not power and putting others before yourself.  This is something managers do on a day-to-day basis.  They also strive to work way beyond what people expect of them and complete tasks as soon as they possibly can.  This is the best way to earn the respect of others and the coaches.

“Responsibility is not a verb in the sense of an action word.  It is something you are; to be responsible.  Three verbs, or actions, that are clearly connected to responsibility are; to create, to destroy, and to repair.

A leader, in order to be responsible, must be aware of these three sides to being responsible. We all possess these abilities and, depending on the outcome, we will take responsibility for the good, the bad and the ugly.”

Managers say that this task is worth their time. They hold a big place on the team and affect the team greatly even though the importance of this job often goes unrecognized.   They gather supplies and equipment needed for practices as well as game days.  This is especially important on traveling game days.  They are part of the team and their time commitment is as much or more than the players sometimes.

Sable Phillips (9) feels that managers help the team in a big way.  

“I think  that managers help the team by keeping everything organized and helping practices running smoothly. So coaches can worry less about keeping stats and score and focus more on coaching the team,” Phillips said.

Always striving to doing more for your team and helping out is always a desire.  This is true about a manager named Treasure Boykin.  These managers give more to their team than you would think, often times without much recognition.  They don’t hear their name spoken over the intercom for a great play.  But they give up a lot of time that they could have to themselves doing homework, hanging out with friends or being with family.  Boykin believes that her efforts to the team help them achieve a lot, especially so that coaches can focus more on the team than the little things like keeping score during practices.

“As for the team, I like to think the managers are a big help.  I feel we help practices and game days run much smoother for the coaches and players,” Boykin said. “I would like to have more jobs.  We do a lot, but I would feel better if I was doing more for the coaches or the team.  Last year, I was a player and I used to think that managers were unnecessary, but now I know that things could possibly be very chaotic without us,” Boykin said.

Sometimes, it’s more personal, such as with Treasure.  She is helping out a team that she once played for.  Coming from someone who played, here’s the perspective she has shared on the point of whether or not she wanted to still play the sport.  

“It changes very often.  Sometime I feel like I’d rather be out there on the court but then I watch the girls play and see how amazing they are, Boykin said.  “It makes me think, ‘woah, I’m glad i’m not out there because I definitely would have missed that ball’.”

The sports team managers are an integral part of a successful sports team.  They are just as fired up to be a part of the competitive spirit as a player and coach!

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Keeping You Covered : Bishop Kelley High School
A Way to Gain Priceless Knowledge