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Dress Code Drama

What the school is doing about our dress code.

Chloe Pierce

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Dress code. It’s known throughout  private schools all over the country, possibly the world. Many students like Katie Eckenrode or Bella Denne, will get up each and every morning, mopingly putting on their skirts. Then dreading the fact that possibly their skirt length is too short. The dress code strikes fear into the hearts of many. This creates the question, “ Do you think Bishop Kelley should add or take away from our dress code?”

The school president, Father O’Brien thought changing the dress code is very unnecessary since the school has had it so long.

“We have had the same dress code at Bishop Kelley for a really long time we see that as a good thing,” O’Brien  said.

O’Brien also said that there are likely no plans of change.

“To my knowledge there are no plans to change anything. One of the good things about a dress code is that it’s consistent. Anytime we change it means another expense to a family,” O’Brien said.

The cost of socks is increasing due to girls buying them frequently, according to Katie Eckenrode (9).

“We (girls) should wear whatever socks we want because the white socks cost money and I have to keep buying more,” Eckenrode said.

Bella Denne (9) thinks that being able to wear whatever outerwear will decrease the inconveniences of students only being allowed to wear Bishop Kelley outerwear.

“We need to change only the outerwear because I think it’s inconvenient to a student that they can only wear BK outerwear and not a regular jacket or coat to school,” Denne said.

The feared dress code. Many still want a simple change like colored socks for girls, or allowed to wear any outerwear. But if schools changed their dress code, it is an inconvenience to a rich or less fortunate family. This dress code has been around numerous years, maybe that’s the real reason why this dress code may never change.

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Keeping You Covered : Bishop Kelley High School
Dress Code Drama