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Off Campus Lunch

Ella Enzbrenner

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 At Bishop Kelley, off campus lunch is not an option. Some students often ask, why is our lunch not open to leave campus and come back? This question can be a concern for the safety of students in many ways.

Open campus lunch allows the students the freedom to make choices, on whether to leave the school during the day. Students would be able to go to a fast food restaurant for lunch, run a quick errand, or maybe even go home if they live nearby. This is a tough issue for parents because teens are new to driving and could easily get in a wreck and also worry that when students leave campus they are more likely to fall into peer pressure and get into trouble which could be avoided if the campus were closed. Most students are worried about their phones, hurrying to get food and come back to class in time, and maybe even distracted by their friends in the car. Our faculty and parents have the same concerns.

“Open campus lunch is a privilege to have, but the safety of our students comes first,” Father Brian O’Brien said.

Students have the option to have hot lunch, salad bar, and snacks during lunch time. Students also have the option to bring their own lunches from home. Through the week the students  have pizza, chicken, and sandwiches.

“The lunch at Bishop Kelley is pretty good compared to the other schools I’ve been to,” Principal Franz said.

Parents and faculty will always have concerns with open campus lunch periods. Other schools in other districts have different rules on the concepts on providing open campus lunch to their students, but at Bishop Kelley the main- focus is on the safety of students.

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Keeping You Covered : Bishop Kelley High School
Off Campus Lunch