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A Not-So-Average Week at Bishop Kelley

Madalene Keller

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September 18-23 was a not such an average week. It consisted of a battle for the spirit stick, games and contests during lunch throughout the week, and dressing up  in a road trip theme all week.

Starting the week off right there was a Commons decorating contest contributing to the battle of the spirit stick for your grade.

Keeping with the Road Trip Homecoming theme, students were scrambling to find one of the six Hot Wheels cars hidden on campus and receive free homecoming tickets.

A day for the beach was Tuesday, dressed in Florida or dressed as your favorite retired person from Florida, the choice was yours! Another contest also took place during lunch. This time it was a sidewalk chalk contest.

On Wednesday, the road trip continued to New York. The idea was to be the tackiest tourist you can.  Then there was a gathering for food trucks and a bonfire.

Thursday was all about cowgirl and cowboy boots, plaid shirts and denim jeans. Everyone dressed in their best western.   On Thursday Abby Mink and Cameron Lontz found the spirit stick!

Students final destination was home. They came on home supporting their homeland colors. After all we are the  BK Comets, dressed in red and white.  Freshman Kate Godfrey enjoyed this week and all the festivities of the homecoming week.

“This week was my favorite and I enjoyed all the dress up days,” Godfrey said

However sophomore Lauren Lewallen felt differently about the themes of the dress up days. She was not a fan of them.

“These dress up days were too similar and hard to shop for,” Lewallen said.

A pep rally was at the end of the day and a football game with the crowning of the queen came soon after.  Friday was a victory for the football team, winning over Collinsville. The queen was also crowned and the winner was Claire Murphy, and the Maid of Honor was Catherine Easterling.

The week came to an end, but not with a crash. Saturday was the homecoming dance, which was a success.   

At the end of this not so average week the prized and sought after spirit stick went to the class of 2018.  Also, the final standings of the Penny Wars which went through Thursday was:

1st Place – Juniors with -$14.70, 2nd Place Sophomores with -$19.03,

3rd Place Seniors with -$68.95 and 4TH Place Freshmen with -$84.05.

The big winner was the St. Francis of Assisi Tuition Assistance Fund which got the proceeds of the penny wars.  The school donated over $750 to the fund.

Freshman Sable Phillips enjoyed this entertaining week with all the twist and turns it brought.

“I thought this week was a fun way to gain school spirit and fight for the spirit stick. It brought great competition between grades,” Phillips said.

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Keeping You Covered : Bishop Kelley High School
A Not-So-Average Week at Bishop Kelley