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Growing Pains

Sadee Mathers

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The school has made many changes in order for you to enjoy and appreciate the place that you spend around 200 days out of the year. Also the facility is planning to make more changes to the school in hopes that it will make the school, as well as, students strive.

Chromebooks are one of the major changes. Our new principal said Chromebooks have taken up a lot of time and money with all the work that goes along with wifi, programming, blocking sites which caused limitations for the school to do more work.

Furthermore,the school has received new vending machines. The school is more flexible when it comes to what the machine offers and how much it costs. Mr. Rick Musto, Director of Finance, has crunched the numbers.

“For last 9 years we have been Pepsi product, Pepsi gave us $10,000 for being only Pepsi product school, but all the money we put into Pepsi we noticed that the cost are significantly higher than what can be purchased locally,” Musto said.

Through this new way to purchase snacks, the amount of waste is minimized and brings in more funds than in the past through commission alone.

“There are plans to add additional parking, however this cannot happen without some other changes that must take place first. There are many ideas on how to accomplish this, but as of now nothing is certain,” Musto said.

Furthermore, Father O’Brien explained an idea has been explored throughout the whole school, called Phase I, II, and III.  In this project, the school rebuilt the building on the east which cost $1.8 million and the field house cost $3 million. In the future, the school striving to raise enough money for Phase III. Phase III includes, the stands as well as the press box which combined would be $5.2 million. This project is a major step to succeeding the goal of making the school a tighter community . For example, if the stands are bigger we can fit more students, allowing the student section to work together as one to cheer on the football team.

In the future and the past there are many plans to make your school a better place than it is now. The faculty’s goal through this is to make the school a community and a place you want to be.


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Keeping You Covered : Bishop Kelley High School
Growing Pains