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Two Students Start Cookin Up Something New At Bishop Kelley

Robert Rooker

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Clubs make up a big chunk of extracurriculars at school, and a new one has just popped up, the Breakfast Club! This Club was started by two sophomore students with the hope to cook for their fellow students. The food does of course cost money unfortunately for some. Moose Underwood, club founder gave some insight. He said frankly it was to spite Mr. Manning who complained when Moose made bacon in his class. So now the student makes bacon outside his classroom every other Wednesday.

“It was a joke. I told to my friend who the next day slapped a information paper on my desk and said “sign it,” Underwood said.

That friend was Robert Rooker, the Co-founder of the club and the Omelet cooker. Next they had to determine the future of the club and where Moose wanted it to go. He said that it is all about the people and that their next member would need to both be able to cook as a backup. Mainly they would be the accountant and as more people join jobs within the club seem to branch off of this basic idea. Every club at school is required to have a sponsor, that sponsor is usually a staff member at school. Breakfast club’s sponsor is non other than Mr. John Simons, a theology teacher. Together, they make this morning delight of a club come to life. Due to the club’s contents it is for-profit, but what the money goes toward will make you more willing to pay. The money the club makes first goes to buy ingredients and maintain the club, which leaves a sum of money to donate to a charity. Customers later on will be able to pick which charity they’d like to donate to and whichever gets the most votes gets the donation. Hopefully this club will grow and become another shining star in the school community.

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Keeping You Covered : Bishop Kelley High School
Two Students Start Cookin Up Something New At Bishop Kelley