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Prism Club Is At BK Now!

Angelica Victoria

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Prism Club was finally approved to be a part of the community this school year.

Not long ago, the Prism Club was founded by Garrett Alexander (12). Meetings would usually be held at a non-Catholic Church which propelled parents to not bring students to the meetings since it wasn’t school-approved. However this school year, the club was allowed to hold its meetings on campus for the first time with the help of students who have invested a lot of their time into the club since it was first founded.

Students that attend will usually provide a subject they are interested in approaching as a group and talk about it with guidance and supervision of an adult. They have discussed worst case scenarios, mental health, and bullying. The subject can vary, from issues happening in the world or personal stuff that one deals with at home.

This creates a safe environment for members to open up like Riley Alexander (9).

“Prism gives people the chance to get support and make friends,“ Alexander said.

Once a week, she attends Prism Club.  Meetings are held every possible Thursday after school and Michael Tran (9) attends every possible meeting.

“I think it’s fine because I have nothing scheduled after school since I am already there. After school is better and then it’s not like other clubs that you have to get earlier,“ Tran said.

Since Prism Club is usually most about talking and sharing, Audrey Baird (9) attends when she needs support from the group.

“When something bad happens to me, I can talk about it and get advice,“ Baird said.

Prism Club is open to everyone that wants to enjoy company, conversations, and snacks!

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Prism Club Is At BK Now!