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Frosh Retreat!!!

Jennifer Luviano

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Freshmen, the youngest of a high school community,  don’t really fit in the high school environment. At Bishop Kelley, they’re presented with many events to help them along the beginning of the high school journey, one of which is a freshman retreats.

These retreats are a way for students to make new friends, have fun, or spend time outdoors. They’re also a way for students to grow closer to God. One of the many girls that attended this years Girls retreat,

Rachel Hoyos (9) is encouraging future freshmen to go.

“Yea, definitely,I’m going to tell all my freshman friends to go to the freshman retreat next year,” Hoyos said.

The retreat is a way to grow closer to God and yet also make new friendships along the way. Everyone attending the retreats grow together closer to God, which is what makes the girls’ or boys’ bond stronger.  The retreats are held at Camp Christian, which is located in Chouteau, Oklahoma, typically during second semester.  Some freshmen have been not so sure if they would like to attend this retreat or any future retreat; however, according to Valentin Danescu, the experience is completely worth it.

“I came out of that experience with a better understanding of God, and with new friendships with new friendships with people I’ve never met before,” Danescu said.

With the help of campus minister Miss Sarah Dicks and theology teacher Miss Megan Kanatzar, who help especially with the girls’ retreats, the experience is even more memorable. Dicks would recommend the freshman retreat to everyone if for no other reason than to slow down.

“You’ve never been this busy in your life before. So, it’s really awesome to take a weekend, go hangout in the woods, and you know hang with friends and eat s’mores,” Dicks said.

Freshman at Bishop Kelley, some don’t see it as a great experience ,but if they open their mind, it will surely be a great experience!

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Frosh Retreat!!!