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Winter Homecoming Week

Zac Vaughn

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Winter came, Father O’Brien left, but Winter Homecoming was here to lift the spirits. A week of festivities offered something special for each student. This is a tradition that has been within the school for as long as some can remember. There are different themes for every homecoming week, and this year’s was Disney. Students all around love this special week and what it does for the school.

On Monday, each class had a task of decorating a Christmas tree as best as they could. The homecoming game was on the Tuesday of that week, and that means that there was a traditional game theme of “black out.” These activities are meant to keep the week fun and exciting for the students. There is always a pep rally that takes place to get the student in the mood to get rowdy at the next sports game. At these pep rallies, two seniors from each sport talk about their achievements and let people know what’s going to happen.

A lot of students like the activities, and some don’t. Amy West is a Junior at Bishop Kelley and enjoys Homecoming Week.

“I love the activities that they do. If you get your friends together and participate in them they can be really fun,” West (11) said.

This week can make people get great new friends and even make friendships even stronger. Connor Casey is a Junior that has some negative but somewhat positive thoughts about Homecoming Week.

 “I just like Homecoming Week just because we get free dress,” Casey said.

To some of these students Homecoming Week might not be too special, but at least they get some joy from the little things.

Homecoming Week has always, and will always be something that keeps life interesting and something that people can look forward to.

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