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Scared to Audition for the Musical?

Claire Massaro

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Bright lights, stage fright, and it’s auditioning time! Is trying out for the school’s musical terrifying or a spectacular opportunity?

There are typically about 80 kids or more who try out for the musical each year. The students are required to perform a selected song and dance chosen by Ms. Dana Hoagland and Mrs. Amy Junger. The students can also perform a monologue if they choose, but it is not mandatory.

Savannah Lindsey, current lead in Guys and Dolls, has auditioned for every musical during her time at the school.

“The hardest part about the audition process is actually getting up on the stage and performing,” Lindsay said.“ The dancing part of the auditions has always been a challenge for me.”

Mrs. Junger and Ms. Hoagland are the directors for all of the musicals. Mrs. Junger focuses on the singing aspects, while Ms.Hoagland directs the acting parts of the musical.

“I love the fact that, at some point, something typically surprises us,” Hoagland said. ”I know it takes a lot to get up there and audition, and it’s hard to not take everyone.”

Anyone who is a student at the school can audition for the musical. The musical involves both lower and upperclassmen, creating a great diversity for the performance. Whether someone is trying out for the first time or maybe their sixth time, everyone goes through the same audition process.

Katie Crotwell (10), part of the Guys and Dolls cast, has auditioned about four times for the musicals and has picked up some tips along the way.

“The best advice for auditioning is to stay confident and make sure you smile big! And make sure you prepare, that’s super helpful too!” Crotwell said.

Auditioning for the musical is an exciting experience that every student can participate in.

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