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Freshman Class: Grow or No?

Sarah Ray

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Everybody knows that this year’s freshman class was the largest Bishop Kelley has ever had.  Now everybody’s looking to the future and asking, what will next year’s incoming class be like?

This year’s freshman class consists of 269 ninth graders coming from ten different feeder schools throughout the diocese of Tulsa. For a comparison, the graduating class of 2012 consisted of 181 people – almost 100 less than this class.

Lindsay Jensen, BK’s registrar, says that next year’s class will most likely be smaller.

“No more than 240,” Jensen said.  “We can take between 240 and 250, but no more than that.”

The reason for that, she said, is due to class sizes, classroom sizes, and the block schedule.

“The block schedule that we have is only designed to fit an appropriate number of people, and if you have too many then the block schedule doesn’t quite work,” Jensen said.

Mr. Jim Franz, Bishop Kelley’s principal, says that the school size does have a limit.

“We have set a student cap of about … 960,” Franz said.

So, the fact is, this year’s freshman class will probably remain Bishop Kelley’s largest.  


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