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The Kelley Derby

Natalie Malloy

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Elaborate hats, bright spring dresses, and spiffy suits marked the attire for Bishop Kelley’s 38th annual auction. At the Kelley Derby, 414 guests saddled up for an amazing evening full of fun times with friends and coworkers. This year’s auction raised a grand total of $360,000, the most in the history of the event. All of those who organized the auction and those in attendance would agree that the Kelley Derby was an immense success.

Robin Lewis, the school’s Advancement Events Coordinator, felt that the auction accomplished both of its goals.

“The two emphases are fundraising and friendraising. We had a great turnout and we made great money,” Lewis said.

In addition, Father Kastl had a new experience of attending the auction as the President of the school. He was impressed by the whole event, and he was grateful to everyone who helped make the auction happen.

“It’s always amazing to me, at those events, how many people really give of their time, of their talent, and of their treasure for the sake of the mission of the school,” Kastl said. “There was a high level of engagement from people working on committees, to those who were there that evening providing hospitality and check in, to those who donated auction items.”

Mrs. Woodliff, a member of the Decoration Committee, was one of the countless volunteers who helped make this auction a reality. She, like many others, could only speak praise of the event.

“So many teachers, parents, friends, and staff of Bishop Kelley were there to support BK and invest in it’s bright future. What a blessing to be a small part in such a huge event benefiting such a great school,” Woodliff said.

Everyone in attendance would agree that the auction served as a great time to celebrate the school and recognize the special community that it has. One person in particular was strongly moved by the event, and Father Kastl had the honor of receiving an important phone call from this guest.

“I was fortunate enough to have gotten a phone call from the anonymous donor who gave $100,000. He called me and he said, ‘I was moved by your community, by the spirit of the evening, by your mission, and I want to make sure that every kid in your school has a new desk. I’m sending you a check for $100,000’,” Kastl said.

With the $360,000 raised, the school plans to buy new desks for all the classrooms and put more funds towards tuition assistance.  Students will greatly benefit from all of the donations.

All in all, the Kelley Derby served as an enjoyable night for friends to dress up and watch the race for fundraising. With the prosperity of this event, the auction will be sure to continue for many years to come.

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