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Cameron Hawkins

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Cameras, gates, locking mechanisms, these are all things that are used for the security of students and faculty. The school has many more security devices than other schools but that does not mean that there are not ways that security can be improved. Principal Jim Franz said that they are having active conversations about increasing security and he also said where he feels the problem starts for school shootings.

“Conversations are currently happening about ways to increase the security for our students and faculty,” Franz said.

He went on to say that with all the money they will acquire at this years auction, it will go towards security improvements specifically more cameras around campus.

“School shootings are 90% an internal threat, the student-to-student relationship is the main cause of most school shootings,” Franz said.

He feels very passionately that when discussing school shootings people need to look at all sides of the problem. It is not just a gun issue he reinforced; in all shootings the shooter either was bullied or ostracized by their community and he thinks that with just one simple “Hey come sit with us at lunch” or a simple hello that can change a person’s whole outlook on life. School President Rev.Gary Kastl had similar feelings about this issue as well.

“We have greatly improved the security at Bishop Kelley in the last few years. For example, 8 years ago there was not a fence around the whole campus,” Kastl said.

He feels like compared to eight years ago the security has gone up a lot which he sees as a very good thing. He feels sad though that school safety is as much as an issue as it is.

“No kid should ever be afraid to go to school,” Kastl said.

He then said that this year’s Believe in Kelley funds will add 90 more cameras to the campus. Senior Zachary Butler said he feels safe when he is at Bishop Kelley.

“I feel like we have a very tight community as a whole, and the gates and the front desk ladies do a very good job of keeping security tight,” Butler said.

So in conclusion everyone seems to feel like the school has really good security, but with any good thing there can always be improvements and with all the money from the auctions and the Believe in Kelley fund security measures are sure to increase.

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