Ms. Kanatzar Leaves BK

Meg Kanatzar is leaving BK after 5 years due to her recent engagement.

Meg Kanatzar is leaving BK after 5 years due to her recent engagement.

Caroline Jarboe, Student

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After five years of helping hundreds of kids grow closer to God, theology teacher Megan Kanatzar says goodbye to Bishop Kelley. Because of her recent engagement, she will be moving to Mississippi, her fiance’s current home, to begin a new chapter of her life.

Kanatzar began working at Bishop Kelley in August of 2014. Ever since, God has been working through her to spread His word. Kanatzar is thrilled to announce she will be getting married this Christmas, to her fiance, Connor Ferguson. He is a professor at Mississippi State in the agriculture department. The majority of his job is research, with a little bit of teaching. The couple met on the Catholic Match dating website. Ms. Kanatzar picked this as a way to meet new people because it’s perfect for her since it is very important to her that her spouse be Catholic. Because of Kanatzar’s five years at Bishop Kelley, she has become so attached to the school, making it hard to leave.

“I know leaving Kelley won’t hit me until fourth block on the last day, once everyone leaves and I’m left in my classroom by myself,” Kanatzar said. “Bishop Kelley has changed me so many ways as a person: spiritually, mentally, and physically, and I know it will be so hard for me to leave.” Although Kanatzar is not the only one seeing changes. She helped so many kids get to know God, including freshman Will Pickard.

“Ms. Kanatzar was a huge part in helping my faith grow stronger.” Pickard said.

Ms. Kanatzar has introduced so many children to God, and has spread His word to every student she has. She loved teaching in the theology department, and wanted to continue in this field. She recently got a job in the ministry working with college students. Although the Kelley community is  very happy and excited for her, the students at school will all be sad about Kanatzar leaving. Carter Kendrick (10) will really miss Ms. Kanatzar.

“I’ll miss seeing Ms. Kanatzar in the halls, and her dressing up as a student during homecoming week,” Kendrick said.  From her fun traditions to her abounding love for God, BK will never be able to replace Mrs. Kanatzar.

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