New Hires at Bishop Kelley

Father Kastl speaks to the Journalism class about new hires at BK.

Ian Gilcreat

Father Kastl speaks to the Journalism class about new hires at BK.

Trevor Bean

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As you may know, several teachers this year have announced that they are leaving Bishop Kelley. So of course, the school is going to need some new teachers. Principal Jim Franz isn’t worried though, as he already has started interviewing people for the new openings. Franz isn’t just looking for just any teacher though, but one that encompasses Bishop Kelley values and someone that students would respect and enjoy.

“The seniors are dedicated, and I think they are strong leaders in the school. Their influence is greater to me than Father Kastl or anyone else,” Franz said.

Mr. Franz also has a very specific process for hiring that he always follows.

“I always try to hire in accordance with coaching jobs and we work with the department chairs and athletic directors to decide whether a person should be hired,”  Franz said.

Teachers and students alike are sad to see teachers leave but are also excited for a new faces at BK. Nicolas Boozer (9) is one of these students who is ready for a change.

“I’m going to miss some of the teachers leaving, but I think that it would be nice to have some different teachers next year,” Boozer said.

Although the departure of teachers at BK isn’t exactly a joyous occasion for many, it will serve as a new beginning for many students at BK.

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