A Good Team Starts with a Good Leader

Grace McCoy

There is a reason why the 54th Super Bowl began with a tribute to honor coaches, a good team starts with a great leader.

This year, the boys basketball team welcomed a new leader, Coach Jordan Nagel, to the program. Nagel has prior experience in coaching basketball. Before becoming a Comet, he coached at Beggs High School.

  Point guard Matthew Plaisance (11) has played basketball his entire life. Through the years he has gone through a collection of different coaches.

“Coach Nagel is a great leader for our team. In the short time he has been here, he has made us both better basketball players and better young men,” Plaisance said.

As a coach, it is very important to make the sport fun, even when the game gets hard. Coach Nagel always makes sure of this. Alex Hatfield (12) is one of the six seniors on the boys team. These few boys have been together for four years, through thick and thin.

“Coach Nagel has made my senior year of basketball the best year yet,” Hatfield said.

Any new coach has the ability to bring all kinds of different emotions. Excitement, nerve, or even pain. Coach Nagel has helped the team succeed by bringing them many kinds of emotions. 

Collin Morrison (11) has been out the entire season due to a dislocated shoulder. Even sitting on the sidelines, he sees the kind of coach that Nagel is.

“Nagel puts his mind and heart into making our team the best that we can be,” Morrison said.

On top of being the head boys basketball coach, Nagel also teaches two history classes each day. He leads the boys by example with his hard work in both of the areas of the school that he is involved in. 

Coach Nagel has surely made an impact on each of the boys in the program. They wish to have many more years with Nagel as their coach.