Cash for Clubs


Animal Welfare Club brings puppies for finals week to relive stress off students for finals.

Zana Jbara

Clubs are very critical to a school. Every new student should feel welcome to the school they pick. Clubs and sports play a crucial role in the deciding factor for a student. If a school does not have either of these the school will lose many students due to interests, and scholarships. 

Not every school has clubs for every student and every interest. Jacob Benoit (11) has been in clubs since freshman year and has found himself being more involved.

“It’s a great way to get involved in the school,” Benoit said.

Many students join clubs to get activity in social skills and meet new people.Jayden Lee (9) believes the interaction she has made in the Animal Welfare club has led her to interact with others.

 “I came into Bishop Kelley knowing my graduating class of 40 out of 233 and joined the Animal Welfare Club and met about 50 more people.” Lee said 

We hold  a Club Fair every year for all interested in clubs for them to meet some of the officers and to sign up and try it out. This club fair is home to more than 50 clubs from Chemistry Club to Hammock Club.

It is known that extracurriculars make up a child’s future. Being a part of a club leads them to a  future by teaching them new skills.Logan Dill (11) believes he has gained many tools in how to navigate into the modern world.

 “I have learned many different skills, but the one that stands out the most is leadership,I now put myself out there and find myself more confident in public speaking.”Dill said.

Without fundraisers clubs wouldn’t be able to be a club. Clubs have different types of fundraisers. Some rely strictly on donations and others work hard for the money they recieve. When working for their clubs members gather new information on how the economy works.  Frannie Yasseri (12) is the co-president of the club, and she understands the importance of support for the clubs.

“Without the people who support us, officers,and parents our club wouldn’t be here.” Yasseri said.

Abby Howard (11) even recognizes how the support benefits her directly.

 “Without staff and students I wouldn’t be where I’m today,” Howard said.

Schools strictly rely on clubs which rely on fundraisers, members, and donations.