Keep It Down, This Is A Dance!


Students party while listening to different music. They enjoyed dancing the night away and had fun with friends. "It was great, and I had a lot of fun with my friends," Chalmers, one of the students there, said.

Alec Rule

Get ready to go crazy in silence! All students, freshmen through seniors get to experience something new this Winter Homecoming with a Silent Rave themed dance. The school is hosting its annual Winter Homecoming dance on Saturday, Feb. 15, where hundreds of students come together to have fun.

Students attending the dance will receive a set of headphones with programmed stations prior to entering the event. The programmed headphones have a very wide selection of types of music, and everyone can find something that they enjoy listening to.

Brendan Chalmers (10) is one of the students attending the event. He explains the importance of diversity in school dances and the impact it has on students.

“A silent rave is a very interesting idea, and I think it is a very unique concept. Good dances are extremely important, as students can have fun and make new friends,” Chalmers said.

Principal Jim Franz also expresses his feelings towards accommodating each and every student with their needs such as those who have trouble with a high volume of noise to create a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

“A primary reason for the theme of a silent rave is the inclusion program. We are aware of populations within our student body with troubles with loud noises, and the [silent rave] fixes this,” Mr. Franz said.

Another inspiration for the dance came from a student council convention, where students exchanged ideas with many different schools across the state. As students talked and shared their own school’s experiences, other schools could implement new fun ideas into their own school.

Mrs. Gabel, assistant of student activities, describes the backstory behind the student council deciding on the theme, and how the influence of the Oklahoma community played a huge role in the decision of a silent rave themed dance. 

“Students went to the student council convention, where they learned of a silent rave themed dance hosted by Ada High School. Students thought the idea was boring until they went to the rave, which they loved,” Mrs. Gabel said.

Overall, students will have an amazing time listening to their favorite tunes. This year’s silent rave themed dance will truly be one winter homecoming to remember.