The Girls Soccer Program Is Back in Action!


The Girls Soccer Team took a cycling class as a bonding experience. They learned how to push through their mental blocks and learn to persevere through their battles. Sophomore Ashlyn Thomas (10) said, "Cycle Bar was so fun, although my legs were sore the next day it gave me an opportunity to grow closer with some teammates!"

Vivian Vasquez

The Girls Soccer Program is back in action! After a 3-5 defeat from Booker T. Washington in the state finals last year, the team is back and better than ever. The girls started preseason back in October and have improved since then.

The girls have started back up with weight lifting to get back the muscles they’ve lost throughout their break. Strength and conditioning coach Riley Trowbridge has focused on trying to prevent injuries by building up a lot of muscles early in the season.

“I think the Girls Soccer Program may be one of the best programs in the school, their attitudes are great and they work very hard,” Trowbridge said.

The girls who play soccer outside of school were lifting twice a week and those who don’t play soccer outside of school, were lifting 3 times a week with Coach Riley. On Jan. 6, the entire team came together and started working out together at 6:15 a.m. every Tuesday and Thursday.

Beginning Jan. 6, the girls started practicing outside with Coach Troy Tokarchik. Coach Tokar has brought Reagen Whitlow, former TU women’s soccer player, and Luke Balezentis (12), former boys soccer player, down to the field to get the players used to a different sort of play. This is the first year Tokar has also brought a boy onto the field to train with the girls and to improve their speed of play and technique with the ball.

“Throughout the preseason, I have learned soccer is not all about yelling at your team and getting the job done, to win. Soccer, or life for any matter, is about encouraging each other and being supportive and being more aware of the situation of the game. I feel that the girls, to be successful this season, need to improve on their soccer instincts,” Balezentis said.

The girls have been practicing five times a week after school every day and along with that they keep up with their fitness. Pre-Season Games start around the end of February, and the girls couldn’t be more excited.

As the season approaches, it’s also some of the seniors last time they play soccer. Some emotions are running through the air as Senior Emma Applegate (12) talks about some things she’s looking forward to this season.

“Kind of excited cause I know we’re decent this year and also to be a leader on the team but also sad cause it’s my last year.” Applegate said.

The goals for the team Applegate began to talk about is, “win a state championship and to not get injured.”

Preseason will be wrapped up towards the end of February. The girls will continue this long journey on becoming state champions. The team has won 15 state championships and is looking to bring home their 16th.