Search Retreat 95

Gavin Crismon

The Comets’ Search Retreat is ramping up to be exciting this year, with dozens of students lining up to be signing up. This year, students will have the opportunity to take a spiritual trip to Shepherd’s Fold Ranch, starting Feb. 28 and ending on Mar. 1.

On this three day retreat, students will have plenty of opportunities to learn about themselves and others. They will have a variety of activities, including speeches, group work, and much more.

Claire Crismon (12), is a co-director of the retreat, who waits in anticipation of this big adventure. This will be the second retreat that she has worked on.

“The purpose of this retreat is to grow closer to others and God, and figure out who you want to be in life,” Crismon said. “I’m really excited to be spending a weekend away from everything and just getting to know people,” Crismon said.

Karson King (12), is another student who’s excited to be working the retreat.

“I’m really happy to be working on this retreat,” King said. “I’m hoping to learn how to expand my faith and learn from other’s past experiences,”

The search retreat is a regular part of the student life at Bishop Kelley, as it is a semiannual scheduled trip that all juniors and seniors are welcome to attend.

Principal Jim Franz had some very helpful thoughts on the retreat’s purpose and direction.

“The reason for retreats here are Bishop Kelley is to help students get in touch with their spiritual life,” Franz said. “We want to help students grow and have an opportunity for change.”

The Search Retreat will be an opportunity to make memories for all the students attending. This retreat has touched many students in our community, and many hope to see it continue in the coming years.