The Track season is just beginning!

Mary Anna Stewart

The 2019-20 Track season is in the blocks, waiting for the starter gun to begin the season. The competitors are preparing and getting ready for upcoming meets, to keep the tradition of winning alive. The track team has won the past two years at Regionals, and strives to win again. 

The track team practices after school Monday through Friday. They are working hard on different areas of sprinting and long distance. They lift three days a week, and jumpers are about to begin practice jumping soon,to freshen up and be prepared to compete.

Throwers are also putting in work every day after school, whether it’s weightlifting or throwing. The team doesn’t have a lot of throwers, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t mighty. The competitors give a lot of their time and energy.

Sara Crosley (12), a long time runner, is a key component to the team this year. She thinks that the team will be just as successful with the new Coach Alonso. 

“My favorite part of track is the concept that were a family, even though it’s an individual sport,” Crosley said.

She participates in cross country and helped win state this year, for the third consecutive year.She is going to be running the mile at the first meet. Lane Frailey is the head coach and these are his words of wisdom. 

“There’s no event for walking,”  Frailey said.

He reminds the team almost every day. The assistant coaches are Aaron Alonso and Trevor Parks.

The team recently lost some excellent coaches and runners, which does throw the team back a bit but, with good work ethic, the team will prosper just as well. The first meet is at Holland Hall, March 7 and Regionals are May 9th. Help come support, and cheer on the team.