BK Visited by the Assistant Secretary of Education

Avery Wise

An exciting event happened on January 23, when Frank Brogan visited the school. Brogan is the Assistant Secretary of Education. He was accompanied by Oklahoma Senator Dave Rader, Oklahoma Representative Carol Bush, and the Rural Outreach and Development Director, Michael Chamberlain. They were welcomed to the school by Principal Jim Franz, Father Kastl, five seniors and several teachers and administrators. 

Brogan’s job is to oversee all secondary and elementary education in the United States, even private schools. 

Brogan was looking at schools with new and innovative teaching techniques. 

Principal Franz explained the reason Brogan visited.

“They like to go and visit exemplary schools,” Franz said. 

The general assumption is that he wouldn’t visit private schools, but he wants to find great and innovative schools, both private and public. His job is to oversee all schools. 

“The office oversees all schools in the U.S.,” Franz said. 

He also visited two other schools near the Tulsa area, including Booker T. Washington High School and Union Darnaby Elementary.    

During his visit, he was set to go to a forum and a visit to four classes. However, he only had time to visit the forum and a Calculus BC class. The forum lasted around an hour, and his visit in the classroom lasted around twenty minutes. 

Visits like this are a compliment to both the curriculum, teaching style, teachers and administrators of the school. Although the visit was short, it was a memorable experience for the school, and the students and faculty who welcomed him.