Bowling Team Season Overview


John Musshafen (11) lines up a bowling shot during one of his games. Musshafen has had alot of success with the team this season playing on the Varsity team. "Just watching that ball roll down get a strike. It's what I play for, and that feeling makes me want to come back," Musshafen said.

Ben Creider

The crowd is silent, game down to the wire, nerves are kicking in, John Musshafen (11) steps up to the line, the whole team is depending on him. He steps up and throws the ball… rolling-rolling-STRIKE! The Boys Bowling Team is finishing up the season. This year the Bishop Kelley Varsity team has run through racking up win after win but for Junior Varsity… it’s a different story. 

Teamwork is a critical part of the game of bowling, especially in their league. In High School Bowling, teams of 5-8 students will play eight games every Friday against an opposing school. Each bowler will play 2 out of the 10 “frames”or turns possible in each game in a set pattern. The first bowler will bowl the 1 and 6 frame, second will bowl frames 2 and 7, and so on. In bowling, setting your line-up plays a major role in deciding games. 

Since bowling requires consistency to get a higher score. It makes arranging a line-up a difficult task as coaches will tend to put “better” players together as they can rack up points quickly.

Coached by Scott Johnson The Varsity team had been on fire going into the month of February sitting atop the rankings at 39-15. Going into the final week the Varsity team needed to win 7 out of the 9 games to sustain first place going into placement games. They suffered a gut wrenching loss at the hands of Broken Arrow Middle School losing only 3 games collectively, but more importantly dropping them from 1st place in the standings to 3rd.

John Musshafen (11) was one of the players who played on Varsity that day, but he sees this as a motivation heading into regionals.

“I think the loss grew our team even closer together,” Musshafen said. “Obviously we were hoping for a first place finish but I think we are coming into regionals as a real contender. I think teams will be caught off guard by how good we are.” 

The team is sitting at 3rd in the rankings after losing the placement week against Owasso JV; however the team is in high spirits and confident heading into the Leagues regional tournament at Fast Lanes in Checotah on February 22nd. One of the star players for the varsity team, Westin Elder (12), is going into the 22nd confident they will walk out with a ticket to state.

“Were gonna win. Simple as that. And once we make it to state, we’re gonna win that too,” Elder said.

For the Junior Varsity team…the season ended for them last week. As their team finished 18-54 in the rankings. The team was coached by John Elder, who has been praised by many of his players. Jacob Visconti (10), one of the JV players, feels like the season didn’t go their way, but Coach Elder motivated him to keep working towards his craft.

 “It was a tough one. We had a lot of games and we didn’t win a lot of them,” Visconti said. “But we worked hard under the great leadership of Coach Elder, he helped me to hook a bowling ball, and more importantly really encouraged us to work hard and try our best to win next week’s games. I hope that he continues coaching with us next year.”

 The team has struggled on paper, but many of the players feel that the standings don’t do them justice and that truthfully, they are the real winners here, one of which being Alex Rodgers (11). Rodgers has been perfecting bowling since he was in middle school and although people may say otherwise, he feels like the JV are the champs.

“Our team may be a bit beyond winning any sort of material trophy this season other than for participation. But we’re the real winners here because of how much fun we have. The fun we have on our team outshines any kind of need for winning,” Rodgers said.

For Coach John Elder, he saw the team develop their skills over the course of the season. Not only on JV but also Varsity.

“This was a good season for us, a lot of good improvements from everybody. Varsity took 3rd and JV didn’t do as well but it’s alright,” Elder said.

With Junior Varsity not attending regionals this year, the small (though lively) fanbase will be eager to watch the Varsity team compete at regionals, and hopefully state too. 

Throughout the year the Bowling team has been able to find the good through it all and although for the JV team their road has come to a close, they still feel like they are the champs. And for the Varsity team, they have their eyes set on the prize. Eager to walk into Regionals and punch their ticket to state, and ultimately walk out of that victorious, as state champions.