Brandon Birks goes to Washington

Sean Sutton

Brandon Birks, a regular day teacher and football coach, was asked to go travel to Washington D.C. and see the impeachment hearings.

Coach Birks talked about his reaction to getting chosen to go to Washington DC.

“I was extremely excited and grateful to be asked to take part in such a unique opportunity,”  Birks said.

Since Oklahoma is a very republican state, many Oklahomans have been strongly distraught by his impeachment.  At first there was a big commotion because most people did not understand the meaning of impeachment.  Many thought Trump’s presidential rule was over and that Mike Pence would become the new President.

In reality, more has to be done for the president to get removed from office.  The Senate has to vote on the President being taken out of office.

Daniel Sullivan (11) is a big fan of politics.  His father, John Sullivan, was once a congressman.

“I think that’s awesome how he got to go down there.  My dad also thought it was really cool that someone from our school got to go see a historic event,”  Sullivan said.

Jake Elliot (11) has always been into politics.  He was shocked when he found out the news  that his old football coach was chosen to do that.

“That’s crazy.  I was really close with him when I was a freshman and I never really noticed if he was really interested in politics.  That’s a once in a lifetime opportunity he got and I am jealous,” Elliot said.

President Trump ended up not being elected out of office.  The Senate did not vote him out.

Coach realized how lucky he was to be able to go to Washington to experience this.  It was his first time going to Washington D.C. and there were three things he enjoyed most.

“This was my first trip to Washington D.C. so everything was amazing to check out.  But, if I had to boil it down to three items, I would say going to Arlington National Cemetery, visiting the memorials on the mall, as well as visiting the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception,” Birks said.  “The experience was very memorable for many reasons.  The day we arrived was during the March for Life rally which was an amazing site in of itself to witness.  The following day was the day of the trial that I attended.  The trail itself only lasted two hours but being there and witnessing the proceedings was a once in a lifetime experience.”

This was the third time a president had ever been impeached before in history.  The fact that one of the teachers from Bishop Kelley was chosen to go see it was.