Brother Bernardine Scholars Take On Dallas


The students on the trip are smiling for a photo at the AT&T Stadium. While at the stadium, the students got to see the players locker rooms as well as sit in the press box. "The AT&T Stadium was my favorite part of the trip," said Bella Thompson (10).

Aubrei Grisaffe

 The star-studded students in the Brother Bernardine Scholars program are headed to the Lone-Star State for a long weekend of enrichment activities and exciting adventures.

February 13-16 a group of sophomore, junior, and senior scholars will be in Dallas, Texas. There, they will get to visit multiple museums, as well as get the opportunity to participate in some fun activities. Their three-day itinerary includes a tour of The University of Dallas and the AT&T Stadium, as well as a visit to the Sixth Hour Museum and the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth. 

The leader of the trip and director of The Brother Bernardine program, Christine Tyler is looking forward to getting to know the younger scholars, as well as the friendships that will be formed between the classes on the trip. 

“I think what I’m most excited for is the chance to get to know [the scholars] and for all of [the scholars] to get to know each other. I’m most excited for the time that [the scholars] will get to spend together as a group, especially the sophomores and the juniors together. I feel like they haven’t had a lot of interaction with one another, ” Tyler said. 

Tyler also explained the significance and benefits of the program taking a trip. 

“I think it’s a really important opportunity, it’s something that’s good, not just for scholars, but for everyone, to experience as much as you can. You retain memories more of places that you’ve visited and things that you’ve actually seen as opposed to just reading about them. The more exposure you get to art and culture and science and all of those other things, the more that makes you a well-rounded learner,” Tyler said. 

Bella Thompson (10), a sophomore in the scholar’s program is looking forward to getting the opportunity to see the city of Dallas in a different light than she has previously seen. 

“I am most excited for looking at the museums, getting to tour the city and getting an educational view of Dallas,” Thompson said. 

Thompson is also looking forward to showcasing the Brother Bernardine program to different parts of the country. 

“The trip gives us the opportunity to showcase the things we learn at school with the rest of the world,” Thompson said.

The Brother Bernardine trip, although mainly an educational opportunity, also allows students to make new friends who are also in the scholars program. For Erin Miller Laquerre (11), this opportunity provided her with a friend group. 

“I actually met my friend group from the scholar’s trips,” Miller-Laquerre said. 

Miller-Laquerre has been on three previous scholar’s trips and keeps signing up for more because she gets to have fun with her friends and take part in fun activities.

“The scholar’s trips are just so fun, honestly. You get good food and go to fun places. There’s always a movie, and you get to visit colleges. Colleges are also really fun because you’re with a group, it’s a lot more fun that way. But Spending time with friends is the main priority. We’re all super excited,” Miller-Laquerre said. 

While the star-studded scholars make their trip for enrichment purposes, that is not the only reason why they choose to take the trip. Friendship is detrimental in the success and the purpose of taking a weekend getaway. The Brother Bernardine scholars program is rooted in its value to ensure friendship for each student in the program, and the trip provides the perfect opportunity for this to occur.