Construction Zone


Artist's rendering of the new administration building at the top of the U drive.

Regan Shugart

After 60 years of having the same classrooms and buildings on campus, a $35 million renovation will do the trick
Over the past year, Father Kastl and his strategic plan team have been planning to outline the future of the school with a master plan. Hoping to start the construction of the school soon, Father Kastl has been very excited about it.
“We are hoping to begin in the spring of 2021,” Kastl said. “The full master plan is a $35 million dollar project, and we hope to raise a large part of that during the current campaign.”
They are planning on building many new buildings and also getting rid of a few of the old buildings. The head of Philanthropy Doug Thomas is very well known for his knowledge on the school buildings.
“Most buildings on campus have outlived themselves and their usefulness,” Thomas said.
Bishop Kelley is a co-educational Diocesan Catholic Lasallian High School with approximately 950 students. For nearly 60 years, Bishop Kelley has been a community for students to come and learn. Which means that these buildings are about 60 years old.
“As BK celebrates its 60th anniversary, we want to ensure that the academic buildings that are needed for the next 60 years are in place. It is better to rebuild than to renovate the insides on the old buildings,” Kastl said.
There is a lot of time that they had to and continue to put into this project. Principal Jim Franz also had a lot to do with the campaigns and what is going on with the buildings. They have many priorities they are trying to reach in this project along with keeping the kids as safe as possible. The staff and students have many new things to look forward to.
“We are looking forward to making the campus a more secure and safe environment, having the central student service building, the theology classes being put into the main academic building, and our hope is a new cafeteria and student common,” Kastl said.
“We are making the campus more secure, so moving the main office into a new building which will be situated pretty close to where this building is now and this building along with the SAC is going away,” Franz said “Where the MQP used to be is now becoming sort of like an administrative classroom space. We will be tearing down the PC, making it into the new green space or like a garden. The STC we will most likely try and sell that building and will make a new building where the extra parking used to be, by the PC and front gate.”
They have been working on this plan for a while now and cannot wait to see where it takes the school in the future. There are still many things that they have to do before they can start the construction.
“First we have the silent phases of campaigning. We have meetings with the potential donors, the campaign will move to the public phase where more people can give money but not as much as the first donors give. This public phase is probably 9 months out. We also have been working with architects about the plan,” Franz said “After raising all the money to pay for the construction project, the first building would be the student service building also known as the new main office.”
With how much they want to be done, they are able to get it done in a timely manner.
“We hope in the next 3 years to complete all the construction projects that will be funded with the capital campaign,” Kastl said.
The full project will impact the school in many ways, it will make the campus more safe for everyone and welcoming at the same time. Along with having a center campus area where the students can go and visit with their friends and also for clubs to meet, a fellowship before and after school, and a focus point for student life and community.