Girl’s Tennis Team Serves Up Wins in 5A and 6A Divisions

Maddie Wong

The Girl’s Tennis season is right around the corner. This year, the girls will play both 5A and 6A tournaments; however, they will practice hard in order to win the 5A state title this year and the 6A state title next year. 

OSSAA’s rule about changing divisions is if a private school team places in the top four in a state tournament two out of three years, the team must move up. After winning state last year, the team must wait one more year before moving up. Therefore, the girls could be competing in the 5A State Championship this year.

  This season, the team will start by playing the 6A Jenks and Union tournaments. Schools of all levels will be competing. The team plays tournaments in both divisions because there are only three schools in Tulsa that are in the 5A division. Coach Tasker, one of the head coaches, believes that the 2020 team is a serious contender for this year’s State Championship.

“ Our BK Girl’s Tennis team looks to represent BK to the best of their ability and is competitive at any level,” Tasker said. 

Next year, the tennis team will be competing in the 6A division. This will be  the first time since 2015. Aubrey Bailey (11) has played on the girl’s varsity team since 2018. She explains her feelings about the team moving up a division.

“Moving up to 6A should not have any effect on the team because we compete against other 6A teams throughout the season. We have also played them in past seasons,” Bailey said. 

The team will be sure to work extra hard in order to prove themselves the best in this division. Coach Limekiller, one of the head coaches, believes that the girls are more than capable of smoothly transferring into the 6A division.

“It probably will not be that difficult because we have already competed in 6A division in the past,” Limekiller said. 

Overall, the girls seem to be prepared for this upcoming tennis season, and the coaches are ready to lead the team into the 6A division next year.