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Food and Freedom

Cori Collet

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Every Monday is pizza, every Tuesday is mystery day, every Wednesday is chicken day, every Thursday is hamburgers, and every Friday is pizza also. Every week, people eat the same four things, and it is starting to get old.

The solution? Off-campus lunch. By allowing students to be able to get lunch from somewhere in the area, there are hundreds of different food options instead of the same four.

The administration believes that by allowing students to go off campus for lunch, they are allowing for more dangerous things to happen like a car wreck or students drinking. While this can happen, it is unfair to punish the entire school for a few students’ actions.

Students have 40 minutes for their lunch. This is plenty of time to drive to a restaurant within a 3 mile radius, get your food, and drive back. However, there are a lot of factors that may affect how quickly a student arrives back to school. It should be their responsibility to get to school on time.

Off-campus lunch will create life skills of responsibility and time management. Responsibility is needed in making good decisions with this freedom. Deciding how much time you need to get your food and get back to school helps you develop time management.

Many students believe off-campus lunch would be a good idea, including sophomore Ashley Housman.

“It gives more varieties and a little freedom during school. People should be responsible and come back on time. If they aren’t responsible and they are late, then they should be punished, not the entire school,” Housman said.

Allowing off-campus lunch will increase the food options students have and let them learn responsibility and time management.

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Keeping You Covered : Bishop Kelley High School
Food and Freedom