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We’re Going to Miss Father O’Brien

Reese Holder

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On the morning of Wednesday, September 13th, the Bishop Kelley community shocked to wake up to the news that Fr. O’Brien was leaving. This news is truly heartbreaking for the Bishop Kelley community, as Fr. O’Brien has been such an integral part of Bishop Kelley during his tenure. While the community here know’s he will be a great priest for the people of St. Francis Xavier Parish in Stillwater, there will still be a huge hole in the Bishop Kelley community.

Among the most upset are the seniors.  Since Father has been here every day of their time here, it is going to be very hard to see him go.

“I’m definitely going to miss Father O’Brien,” Zac Butler (12) said. “I’ve known him basically my whole life, from him being at Christ the King and now him at Bishop Kelley. It’s definitely going to be a big change to see him gone.”

One thing the school loved about Father was how outgoing he is.  There is not one student here who Father O’Brien doesn’t know by name.  It is amazing to have a president who goes out of his way to make relationships with each of his students.

“I’m going to miss walking into school each morning and being greeted by name by Father O’Brien” Grace Arnold (12) said.

Father O’Brien also has left a huge impact on the faculty, including the campus minister, Sarah Dicks.

“I will very much miss Father O’Brien” Dicks said “He’s more than just a boss, he came to my house and prayed with my family when my Dad was sick, and he’s always just been so supportive of me, professionally and personally.  He’s more than just a great priest, he’s a great man.”

It’s clear to see Father O’Brien has left a huge impact on many, many people.  The school is at a loss for words now that they’ve heard about Father’s departure.  However, the school knows he will serve the people of Stillwater faithfully, and that is the best job a priest can  do.


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Keeping You Covered : Bishop Kelley High School
We’re Going to Miss Father O’Brien